Sustainability Statement

Integra Fabrics has been an innovator in the Hospitality, Healthcare and Contract Textile market since 1988 and we continue to strive as an industry leader through conservation, sustainability and responsible stewardship to our environment. Our philosophy is that sustainability should be integrated into all our business practices to enhance and contribute to the competitiveness of our products, our operations and our workforce with the goal to build social, environmental and financial value for everyone.

The most fundamental aspect of our sustainability program at Integra Fabrics is people: our employees, our customers, our suppliers and the communities where we live and operate. Ethical behavior is the foundation of any lasting business success. We provide stable, safe employment opportunities in our community and we rely on these skilled and empowered people to drive the growth of our business and strengthen our leadership position in the marketplace. We recognize that long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers is conducive to an ethical business culture and that community involvement thru volunteerism and charitable contributions will enrich our company and people for many years to come.

Another integral of this holistic approach to sustainability is to continuously refine our products and operational processes by aligning ourselves with a supply chain that shares our vision of responsibility. Integra Fabrics partners with domestic fabric mills that utilize post consumer polyester to reduce the amount of PET plastics in our landfills. This poses a threat to our environment because PET plastic (products like soda and water bottles) is a non biodegradable product derived from crude oil. In addition, our heat transfer paper mills use aqueous (water) based inks that emit no solvents thus decreasing their carbon footprints by maintaining clean air and water practices.

Integra Fabrics also maintains recycling efforts in our production facility located in Loris, SC. At this facility we collect common products such as office paper, cardboard, metal and plastics throughout the plant and administrative offices. In production, spent heat transfer paper and waste fabric is recycled to other business for recycling or repurposing to other markets. Our packaging materials such as bags, tubes, stretch wrap and boxes are made from recycled products. Administratively we are storing and sending documents and files electronically to reduce the use of paper and energy consumption for fax machines and copiers. Also in 2013, our entire production facility was retro fitted with some of the most energy efficient lighting available.

Integra Fabrics is committed to continuing to offer the Contract Market exceptional textile products that meet the needs of our industry in environmentally and socially responsible ways. Our sustainability initiative will promote growth and protect our resources for future generations.