Everyone Needs A Little Inspiration

We all need a little inspiration from time to time! Here are a few boards we put together full of our cut yardage upholstery, vinyl, sheers, velvets and blackout. ‘Blue Road’ ‘Golden Field’ ‘Petunia Pathway’ ‘Winter Owl’   What inspires you??

Summer Playlist Series – Track 3

Third on our Summer Playlist Series is a song that makes you want to break the mold! If you feel like every day is monotonous – this is the song to get you out of your immediate reality and jump out of line a little. Katy Perry delivers again while asking us to get out of our ‘bubble’ and jump on this roller coaster we call […]

Vinyl Edition: Top 10 Under $20

Vinyl Edition: Top 10 Under $20 That time you specified a vinyl that was over budget … Or that other time you specified a vinyl that had a 16-20 week lead time … “Boo!” to both. Don’t let it happen again – we’ve got a solution for you! We’ve listed our top 10 vinyls that are $20 or less per […]