Integra Fabrics introduces Integra Environments Vinyl Collection

Integra Fabrics introduces Integra Environments Vinyl Collection constructed from 100% Polyurethane (PU) as opposed to the widely-used PVC which has been known to exude harmful chemicals. A growing concern for the environment in today’s marketplace has brought along an increased awareness of the benefits in specifying Polyurethane vinyls. The Vinyl Chloride in PVC is a carcinogen – tests from various researchers over the years have linked carcinogens as a factor in many illnesses including cancer. The composition of Integra Environments Vinyl Collection (Polyurethane composition) does not contain vinyl chloride.

Polyurethane (PU) conveys a more genuine look of leather compared to the widely-used Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) – this is true in regards to the overall appearance as well as the hand. In order to create the softer hand of the PVC manufacturers use oils which end up creating cracking and peeling overtime. These additives are not used in Integra Environments Vinyl Collection which allows the vinyls to maintain a soft surface for its duration on applications.

An occurrence that most people are not aware of is “hydrolysis” – this is a process through which the woven surface peels away from the backing. This is most often caused by repetitive exposure to extreme temperatures (hot and cold) as well as moisture from the environment and human interaction. Through laboratory testing it was determined that Polyurethane vinyls are durable for up to 7 years under this occurrence which is a close second to the 10 years reached with the PVC.

The physical properties and contract requirements are not hindered through use of PU; all abrasion, flammability and cleaning remains the same.

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