Kingston, Not Just an Upholstery Pattern

KingstonWhen you call your Account Representative and ask them for information on “Kingston”, their first thought may not go directly to the gorgeous (domestic!) upholstery named Kingston. In fact, you may hear them say something along the lines of “He is so happy … I swear his coat gets shinier every day and his nose can search out any office that has food in it!” We have all learned to hide our food as he has been known to go to great lengths to find it and EAT IT!

You may have guessed it, Kingston is our “office dog”! He comes to work every day and always puts a smile on the faces of those he visits each morning for his treats. Literally, he follows the same routine each morning! First, he comes to Jason’s office where he gets his start-off snack, right next door he checks in with Alicia to make sure she knows he’s “clocked in” for the day; he stops by Laine’s office to get his back scratched, and then down the hall and to the left he visits Theresa for some cereal (she brings what the kids don’t like for him!), Laura for more treats and after that he’s off to visit Kitty and Jan in Sampling for some pretzels! One of his best buddies is Kurt (our shipping manager) who loves to hug him and hook him up with snacks whenever we have Company lunches! Kingston maintains his figure by retrieving tennis balls regularly, jumping up in the air and running on the beach with his Cousin Gracie!!

We love our office dog, Kingston, and he brings much love and laughter to our Company each day! Do you have an office dog? We would love to hear about your special friend and see pictures!

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