Integra Fabrics Celebrates 30 Years

Dear Friends,

Today I woke up with a heart full of warm memories and thankfulness. What a humbling and rewarding experience to open our doors this morning, the morning of our 30th anniversary.

In the course of our lives on this earth we have all experienced periods of time when we felt as if we were on mountaintops and others when those same mountains were staring down on us and seeming impossible to climb. It is these moments, and the small ones in-between, that challenge us, inspire us and give us the fuel to grow and evolve.

As I reflect over the past 30 years so many of you come to mind in helping us achieve this great milestone. I can remember an advertisement from years ago that touted, “You’ve come a long way baby” and indeed we surely have here at Integra. And for that, I thank you.

Please join us as we kick off a year long celebration reflecting on our fun and fabulous adventures along the road to LOOK AT US NOW!

We would not be here today without the continuous support of clients like you. From each and every one of us, we say THANK YOU for your business, THANK YOU for your trust in us, and THANK YOU for supporting us throughout the years. We look forward to this new chapter of friendships, partnerships and prosperity for all!

With humble gratefulness,


Debbie McArthur & The Integra Fabrics Family

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