Fast Fashions and Continuing Trends in Hospitality

Fast Fashions and Continuing Trends in Hospitality

We live in a world full of information just waiting at the tips of our fingers.  We have breaking news coming directly to our mobile devices giving us minute by minute updates on what is happening in our politics, our entertainment, our communities and our culture at large.  Living with these realities, the consumer has grown accustomed to getting what they want when they want it, and that mentality has encouraged companies to provide their customers with the ability to binge watch their favorite programs, quicker delivery of their online purchases, faster customer service, fast food, and even fast fashion.

Fast fashion is a concept that has been around for nearly a decade and certainly has its share of detractors (just go to Netflix and view the documentary The True Cost to hear a detailed viewpoint on the negative aspects of the trend).  The basic goal of fast fashion is to provide the consumer with almost immediate access to the styles and trends coming off the runways at an affordable price. Despite the growing negative response to the fast fashion ideology and the perceived negative impact it is having on culture and the environment, the fact is that the trend doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.


Keeping all this in mind how has this trend turnover and immediate access mentality affected the travel and hospitality industries? It is estimated that Milliennials will make up over 50% of the world’s hotel guests by 2020. This generation values regionally inspired character, contemporary design, first-rate amenities, and technological integration.  They want to feel that their time and money are being spent on experiences that add value and substance to their lives. Boutique hotels and fast growth start-ups have seen the value in creating customizable experiences that give their customers the ability to learn and try new things, take part in local culture and cultivate unique moments that they can document and share via social media and with clusters of friends.  Larger hotel chains are have also taken notice and implemented business strategies that provide travelers more individualized travel choices and more convenient access to customized booking options.

How are you responding to the ever changing trends and how are you catering to a customer base that is seeking and finding more personalized and culturally relevant travel options?  Stay tuned for our upcoming blog detailing how Integra is assisting hotels and designers in creating one of a kind, custom experiences for their customers.




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