Integra Fabrics Delivers Another “Super” HD Expo Experience

With the ever-present expectation to provide unique displays featuring new products and  surprising setups sure to stand out from the crowd, Integra Fabrics once again stepped up to the plate. In their 17th year of presenting, Integra Fabrics offered clients and guests an opportunity to spend some time in a superhero’s hideaway.


Dynamic details brought together through fabric, cut metal panels, custom-designed furniture and detailed carpet delivered an experience the hospitality industry will remember vividly in the weeks and months to come. Creating this space meant purposeful planning with industry partners Parasoleil, Carsons Hospitality, Lexmark and Table Topics. All domestic vendors. All with the ability to bring a designer’s vision to life from the ground up. Constant chatter from the booth confirmed that this was the epitome of custom work.


“We wanted to create a booth worthy of our Clients’ time. We were striving to create a space that not only made your jaw drop a little but also inspired people to think outside of the box … dream bigger than they have before and realize what’s possible with our outstanding domestic supply chain and partners” said Ashley P. Smith, Marketing & Brand Development.


What’s on the agenda for the balance of 2017? Debbie McArthur, President and CEO, gave us this insight: “With the market as HOT as it is our goal is to keeping listening intently to what our Clients need and in true Integra fashion: find it, create it and deliver it on time!”



15′ of Super Woman with our 118″ Decorative Sheer, Austin.


Virtual Reality in our custom designed task chairs (by Carsons Hospitality!) added some flair and fun to the booth.


The iconic Spider Man made an appearance on this lounge chair along with our new upholstery, Kryptonite and vinyl seat, Espirit.


Table Topics manufactured this communal table featuring inspiring quotes from our Superheroes.

Checkout the custom carpet from Lexmark Hospitality as well!


Hello, “Gotham City”. Parasoleil constructed this cut metal masterpiece!


A view from inside Batman’s secret hideaway! This custom sofa was the most photographed piece in the booth.

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