Inspiration Overload … No complaints here!

Inspiration was flowing from every corner at NextGen 2016 in Washington, D.C. at the famed Watergate Hotel.  With 80+ industry members (of the 130 in attendance) who had not previously attended this event, the networking with new and old friends was outstanding! From the smallest detail at kickoff to the main events, the Hospitality Design crew put on a truly worthwhile event for everyone. We gained insight from industry leaders as well as a leader in the biotechnological industrial revolution (more on that later).

Picking one thing that stood out over others would be impossible but here are a few highlights from the featured Speakers:

  1. Larry Traxler, Hilton Worldwide, is not only spearheading the effort to continue creating “a brand essence that stands on its own” but he and his wife run a 501 C3 raising miniature donkeys to help those suffering from PTSD, i.e. Maxwell who is 20” tall (cue the “aww”). He noted that now “more than any other time in history there are great designers out there … design is not about fabrics and colors, it’s about creating a space for people to remember.” Summing this up: Larry gets it, both in business and life!
  2. Larry
  3. David Rose, self-proclaimed nerd, might have the most fun job on Earth! He works in a research lab at MIT. His goal is to make technology “dissolve into ordinary things”. Hearing “MIT” immediately makes heads start twirling but David works towards making technology an easy option instead of a daunting one. He has a Google Map in his coffee table and a special ring that goes off in his apartment when family members are headed home. Yep, the rest of us are a few years out but this man is going to bring the modern world to the Jetson’s before we know it.
  4. David
  5. Jason Roberts of “Better Blocks” has made a career of breaking laws (his words!). Have you ever heard someone speak that really makes you think “man, what in the world am I doing with my life??” He’s one of those people! Jason has turned desolate city blocks into neighborhood cornerstones for community events and collaborations. He said so many brilliant things in his 30 minutes but here are a few to help you jump out of your chair and be inspired:
    1. If you’re passionate about something, you have everything it takes to be a leader.
    2. Napoleon went from being in exile to being Emperor in only 300 days.
    3. Beware of an organized, dedicated group of individuals.
    4. Show up. Give it a name. Set a short date and publish it (blackmail yourself).
  6. Jason
  7. Ever had your mind blown? Nina Tandon exploded the minds of everyone in the room! This smart, passionate and funny woman is growing living, human bones. True story. Nina was inspiring and confusing all in one – in the best way! Here’s a small example that shows how she put our minds to work:

“Think about it. When you eat a strawberry, you’re also eating the DNA that tells that strawberry … to be a strawberry. Isn’t that funny?” (With her huge smile and expressive arms!)

You’ll never eat a strawberry the same way again ~


Thanks again to Hospitality Design – we look forward to NextGen 2017!

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