Everyone Needs A Little Inspiration

We all need a little inspiration from time to time! Here are a few boards we put together full of our cut yardage upholstery, vinyl, sheers, velvets and blackout. ‘Blue Road’ ‘Golden Field’ ‘Petunia Pathway’ ‘Winter Owl’   What inspires you??

Vinyl Edition: Top 10 Under $20

Vinyl Edition: Top 10 Under $20 That time you specified a vinyl that was over budget … Or that other time you specified a vinyl that had a 16-20 week lead time … “Boo!” to both. Don’t let it happen again – we’ve got a solution for you! We’ve listed our top 10 vinyls that are $20 or less per […]

Decorative Sheer Edition: Top 5 Under $10

Decorative Sheer Edition: Top 5 Under $10 How many times have you tried to use a sheer that’s either out of budget or has a lead time that won’t fit your requirements? We’ve got a solution for you! Check out our Best of the Best | Decorative Sheer Edition. We’ve got our top 5 decorative sheers laid out that are $10 or less per yard. […]

Upholstery Edition: Top 10 Under $20

Upholstery Edition: Top 10 Under $20 How often does your budget match your final spec sheet? If you’ve ever specified a fabric {or been handed a spec sheet} with a $70+ per yard fabric when your budget is $20 per yard: We’ve got a solution for you! Check out our Best of the Best | Upholstery Edition. We’ve listed our […]

Ink Has Its Place. It’s Not On Your Vinyl.

Launching November 2016 is our latest line of vinyl: Vanish. This ink-resistant vinyl encompasses a beautiful range of colors and textures! 

Pillow Talk … Let Your Pillow Talk!

For Your Sampling Pleasure!

Having an in-house Sampling Team means we are able to provide quick turn-around on requests, custom sample sizes to meet individual library needs and track efficiently what goes out on a daily basis!  It is our goal to provide superior quality samples as quickly as you need them for your design and project boards. “Everyday I learn more and we keep adding new […]

Digital Printing & What It Can Do For You

Have you ever seen a fabulous upholstered chair with just the right pattern and color for your current project and wanted to translate it into a drapery fabric? Good ideas can come from anywhere … so why not translate that epic Bora Bora sunset into a cozy duvet or capture that pristine snow-capped mountain scenery for your booth backs? Seems […]