Introducing Integra’s Newest Team Member … BAYLOR!

Integra Fabrics has set strong standards over the past five years to become more green-friendly! Our long term goal (which we are close to!) is to be 100% landfill free – you would be AMAZED at the changes we’ve seen. Great example:

Each week we used to fill up one of these EVERY DAY:


Now that we are recycling all of our paper, plastic, cardboard and our 100% polyester fabrics we don’t even fill ONE PER WEEK! As we continue to grow closer to our goal of being 100% landfill free, we have brought in “Baylor”. Baylor_Blog Baylor helps crush all the paper, cardboard and other recycable products down so it’s easier for our Recycling Contractor to haul it off to his factory!

What do you and your company or family do to help the environment?

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