Must love Fashion, Design and Dogs!

Must love Fashion, Design and Dogs!

from: Courtney Pruett

‘The moment when I realized there is an entire industry that I was previously unaware existed was eye opening to say the least.  Throughout my life I’ve stayed at all sorts of hotels, eaten at countless restaurants, visited hospitals and toured military facilities. Within each of those experiences, fabrics not only facilitated the functionality of a space, but they also silently informed and influenced the way that I felt and the way that I remembered my time at each location.  Looking back, the aura surrounding a memory is sometimes much more clear to me than the exact details of what was situated around me.  The homey, comforting mood of the lodge in Cook Forest, PA, the magical, exuberant feeling of my family’s suite in Orlando, FL, the airy, warm and glowing memories I have from the resort in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico…even the frenetic energy I felt at my favorite themed restaurant/arcade from my childhood…the fabric choices at each venue actively guided my mind and made lasting impressions that I wasn’t completely aware of at the time.  After only a few weeks here at Integra Fabrics, I am amazed to learn just how intentional those fabric choices probably were and how much thought and time must have gone into each decision.

Moving forward, I am already viewing things differently. Each public space that I walk into has some sort of fabric which had to have been designed, manufactured, specified and installed.  It’s fun to look back at the pictures from my childhood and see how the fashions and design goals have changed through the years and it’s interesting to see how the hospitality industry in particular has mirrored those trends.  Through my training here at Integra Fabrics, I have learned that the industry is focusing more and more on making a lasting impression with its customers by creating design concepts that are both visually dynamic as well as geographically specific. Each day and each project is totally unique. Due to the recent advances in digital printing the sky is the limit when it comes to what a designer can achieve within a guest space.  Having seen some of the fabrics that our clients have ordered or installed over the last few years, I now have an ever growing bucket list of travel destinations.

Being a complete newbie to this industry has certainly had its learning curves.  At times it feels like I am learning an entirely new language with previously unheard phrases and terms like textured hand, up the roll vs railroaded, or base cloth becoming daily utterances.  Being surrounded by beautiful fabrics and constantly being presented with visually interesting and design oriented projects has actually made the large list of things to master an enjoyable experience.  However, learning and growing here at Integra Fabrics has been a unique experience on more than just an educational level.  The people here have been welcoming, kind, patient and generous with their time and knowledge.  It is incredibly refreshing to work in an environment where “open door policy” is actually applied on a daily basis.  The positivity and enthusiastic environment are genuine and the people here actually care about hearing their clients, meeting needs, solving problems and building relationships with customers and coworkers…and the fact that we have two sweet dogs wandering the halls at all times definitely doesn’t hurt company morale!

The job listing for my position ended with, “if you love fashion, design and dogs, you need to apply right away!”, and I am so glad that I did!’Court_BlogPic


We are so excited to have Courtney join our Integra Fabrics team and we look forward to all the future holds for her here!

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