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Fabrics: Goodbye ordinary, hello extraordinary.

Every city has its own unique flavor and history, and every visitor has their own set of priorities and aesthetic preferences. With the many destination and accommodation opportunities available to today’s traveler, it is necessary to create hospitality spaces which provide a distinct, impactful experience. Today, custom fabrics are more accessible and financially feasible than ever given digital capabilities. Think […]

Integra Fabrics Celebrates 30 Years

Dear Friends, Today I woke up with a heart full of warm memories and thankfulness. What a humbling and rewarding experience to open our doors this morning, the morning of our 30th anniversary. In the course of our lives on this earth we have all experienced periods of time when we felt as if we were on mountaintops and others […]

Integra Fabrics’: 12 Days of Christmas

Click play on this fun rendition of ’12 Days of Christmas’ by Straight No Chasers and scroll away! Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on each day as it launches.   A partridge in a pear tree … and some beautiful textures for drapery, bedding & upholstery. Two turtle doves … along with woven drapes you’d definitely put […]


INTEGRA FABRICS ANNOUNCES TWO NEW TERRITORY SALES MANAGERS   LORIS, SC (December 2017) – Integra Fabrics, a leading provider of commercial fabrics catering to the hospitality and healthcare industries is pleased to announce the addition of two new Territory Sales Managers to its growing sales team. Tonia Speir will be based out of the company’s South Carolina headquarters and will […]

Fast Fashions and Continuing Trends in Hospitality

Fast Fashions and Continuing Trends in Hospitality We live in a world full of information just waiting at the tips of our fingers.  We have breaking news coming directly to our mobile devices giving us minute by minute updates on what is happening in our politics, our entertainment, our communities and our culture at large.  Living with these realities, the […]

Summer Playlist Series – Track 4, Final

We had a lot of fun checking out the ‘songs of summer’ for 2017! There were so many we could have picked from but there’s only so much time in a busy hospitality fabric manufacturers day, right?? Tying up the series is Maroon 5 with ‘Don’t Wanna Know’ … and seriously, how great are these #IntegraFabrics with the video snap […]

Everyone Needs A Little Inspiration

We all need a little inspiration from time to time! Here are a few boards we put together full of our cut yardage upholstery, vinyl, sheers, velvets and blackout. ‘Blue Road’ ‘Golden Field’ ‘Petunia Pathway’ ‘Winter Owl’   What inspires you??

Summer Playlist Series – Track 3

Third on our Summer Playlist Series is a song that makes you want to break the mold! If you feel like every day is monotonous – this is the song to get you out of your immediate reality and jump out of line a little. Katy Perry delivers again while asking us to get out of our ‘bubble’ and jump on this roller coaster we call […]

Vinyl Edition: Top 10 Under $20

Vinyl Edition: Top 10 Under $20 That time you specified a vinyl that was over budget … Or that other time you specified a vinyl that had a 16-20 week lead time … “Boo!” to both. Don’t let it happen again – we’ve got a solution for you! We’ve listed our top 10 vinyls that are $20 or less per […]

Decorative Sheer Edition: Top 5 Under $10

Decorative Sheer Edition: Top 5 Under $10 How many times have you tried to use a sheer that’s either out of budget or has a lead time that won’t fit your requirements? We’ve got a solution for you! Check out our Best of the Best | Decorative Sheer Edition. We’ve got our top 5 decorative sheers laid out that are $10 or less per yard. […]

Upholstery Edition: Top 10 Under $20

Upholstery Edition: Top 10 Under $20 How often does your budget match your final spec sheet? If you’ve ever specified a fabric {or been handed a spec sheet} with a $70+ per yard fabric when your budget is $20 per yard: We’ve got a solution for you! Check out our Best of the Best | Upholstery Edition. We’ve listed our […]

Summer Playlist Series – Track 2

Up next on our Summer Playlist Series: a song that is sure to make you sway. It starts a little slow but really builds as the seconds pass and makes you want to add it to your beach jams. The Chainsmokers and Coldplay give us a breath of fresh air with their “I Want Something Just Like This”. So, shake your shoulders, bob your […]